Monday, March 27, 2006


(Woy Woy walk #87)

Streaky sky over Woy Woy
(Big version)

Today the cloud is high and light. Cirrus streaking the length of the sky.

In the morning sun
(Big version)

Plenty of flowers're still blooming in the early autumn sun.

Once were roofs
(Big version)

Tin roofs enjoying a second life as a fence in a Umina lane.

Darley Road
(Big version)

The one on the left looked fifties from close up but the one on the right looks more sixties to me even though it's got the flat roof. Then there's the seventies brick part though that looks like it was just pasted onto the outside.

Crown Road
(Big version)

Looks quite nice. Nothing flash but in decent nick and still with the fifties fibro. A big cactus would set it off nicely but the owners obviously prefer daisies.

Neptune Street
(Big version)

Not sure if this one's a rental or not. The mismatched curtains say yes but the nice fence says no. I resisted the urge to bang on the door and ask. There's been a veranda on the front at some stage. Though not when the house was built by the look of it.

Nice and nippy again this morning. I even put the bedspread on last night. The last few days have been so beautifully cool and damp. Cyclone Larry came a long way down the coast, much further than most of them, and brought masses of cloud with it. Good thing too. We need the rain and the poor buggers up in Queensland where it hit needed it to stop raining.

The Commonwealth Games are over, possums, and the Sierra Leone athletes have been found and in the final medal tally we beat the shit out of England and (more importantly) New Zealand. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I love the streaky sky. It looks like something BIG roared overhead!

Fuckkit said...

I love the sky an all. And its blue. I forgot the sky was meant to be blue.

Spike said...

The whole fucking sky was like that, Device. Even cloud haters were standing goggling up at it.

*patting Fuckkit*

Poor Poms. Is it pissing down up there again?