Sunday, April 09, 2006

400 miles

Steve (Fat Man Walking) has been on the telly and in the papers up there in America. He's walking from southern California to New York and now has less than 400 miles (321.87 kays) to go.

A snippet from his blog for 04 05 06:

Monday morning, Australians for breakfast! There is a news magazine in Australia called 60 minutes ... They wanted to interview me and a couple of other guys who were inspired by me to do their own walk or bike ride across the country.

60 Minutes is on here tonight (7.30, channel 9). I'll be watching and cheering for you, Steve. By the way, mate, you sound much chirpier despite the stress fractures. Keep plodding. The end is in sight.

Might go out for a plod of my own this afternoon. Stayed home yesterday. Been feeling a bit fluey and the autumn sun will do me good.

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