Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday meander

(Random walkies)

Last day of Easter today. Bright and sunny with a nice crisply cool morning. Wandered off in search of a discount bunny left over from the scrum last week. Didn't find one but had a nice little wander in the sun and took some pictures for my Bustling Downtown Woy Woy collection.

Woy Woy Library Oval Avenue Woy Woy
(Big version)

This pleasant little building is tucked in behind the Library. The Library is on Blackwall Road across from the Post Office and this is on Oval Avenue which runs off Blackwall Road.

It was built in 1933 (the Library was built in 1931 as Woy Woy Council Chambers) as a garage & storeroom then branch office of Gosford Council when Woy Woy became part of Gosford City Council. Now it's part of the library extension and houses the Spike Milligan Room. Which is where story time for kiddies is run during the school holidays.

Woy Woy Library Blackwall Road Woy Woy
(Big version)

This is the side of the Library on Oval Avenue. Blackwall Road is out of frame on the right.

The old building you can see the back of on the right is the oldest part of the Library.

The old one on the left is the former Gosford Council branch which was a garage and storage thingy when it was built in 1933.

The new bit in the middle is part of the 2004 (?) Library extension.

That green thingy is an electrical substation or telephone junction thingy.

Woy Woy Oval in Oval Avenue Woy Woy
(Big version)

Woy Woy footy stadium looking as lovely as any stadium ever will. There's always a sprinkling of shopping trolleys outside the gate due to there being a carpark just out of frame on the left. That's the back of the Library behind the tree on the far right.

Back of Noonan's on Blackwall Road Woy Woy
(Big version
The blue building is the back of Noonan's (the funeral director) and it looks like it and the back of the wee fiftes arcade on the right have upstairs flats.

The wall on the left is Which Bank (Commonwealth) which was built in the seventies on the site of one of the old cinemas (picture theaters).

I like the backs of buildings. You often see a very different picture than is presented by the front. Noonan's front is that of a funeral director dealing in death every day but the back has what looks like a flat and a flourishing garden and is full of life.

I had a slack-arsed Easter. Laid around in me tracky dacks drinking and scoffing bunnies. My shoulder aches like buggery. Dunno why. It's not like I did anything physical all weekend. Maybe I got beamed up and they probed the wrong end of me. Hope you all had a good slack-arsed Easter as well.

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