Friday, April 28, 2006

At last

(Random walkies)

Short one today. Had to run hither and thither like a blue-arsed fly. My grandfather used to say that. Never have seen a blue-arsed fly.

Tree trimmers
(Big version)

I wonder if they take turns or if one guy has to do the sweeping all day?

Gran's memorial tree
(Big version)

Bought with my bequest from Gran. Took a while to get one with the right shape but here it is at last.

Gran didn't have a lot of success growing one of her own but she loved them and the all day sun on my balcony is perfect for it. They do quite well in pots. I've seen them on balconies all over the Peninsula and they get to a decent size.


idv said...

I've never seen a blue-arsed fly either, but have heard the saying a billion times (thereabouts).

Is that a frangipani? Look after it well. I'm sure it'll be a magnificent specimen before long.

miserable old English crab said...

Don't bluebottles have blue arses?
(Do you remember, Bluebottle?)
And, to be serious, may your tree grow fine in your Gran's memory.

Spike said...

Are bluebottles those big slow dozy flies? if yes, they have green arses and blue heads I think.

It is indeed a frangipanni and is slated to grow a foot a year if spoken to kindly. Thank you both.