Thursday, April 20, 2006


I have pillow rage. More precisely, wrong pillow rage. My stupid fucking pillow is the wrong fucking pillow and I am enraged.

It's so much easier to become enraged when you haven't slept properly or turned your head to the left for a couple of weeks. I tried maintaining the rage at 3AM last night but it just wouldn't fly. The storm was too nice.

My old pillow carked if a few weeks ago and I've been hunting for a replacement ever since. Dug a couple of old ones out of the cupboard but neither of them is right.

Woke up last night in hideous pain and couldn't get back to sleep. Got up and prowled moodily around the net searching for all-night pillow deliveries services. Then the storm came. First distant rumbles of thunder like a wobbly goods train then a cool cool breeze lifting the curtain out into the room and the first few drops of rain. The storm hung around for an hour or so. It was beautiful and I was almost glad that evil fucking pillow woke me up to enjoy it properly. Eventually I got back to sleep and woke up after nine with the sun well over the yardarm and my mouth tasting like rat.

Got another pillow at the shops today and if this fucking one isn't fucking right someone's going to pay!


Mimbo! said...

I completely sympathize, Spikers. It took me forever to find the right pillow. Every day that I didnt have it was another day I'd wake up with a crick in my neck the size of the QE2.

Fuckkit said...

How, precisely, does ones pillow cark it? Is it actually possible for a pillow to just die?

Spike said...

Mimpet - LOL. Poor thing.

Fuckkit - It slowly gets flatter and flatter and plumps up less and less no matter how hard you punch it and begins to whiff suspiciously.