Sunday, April 23, 2006

On the telly

Been watching Nerds F.C.. Bunch of hard-core geek types snatched out from behind their keyboards and taught to play footy (football). Three months from "what's a soccer?" to a game in a stadium full of expectant footy fans.

Should be interesting. Particularly as they can't run, can't kick, can't head the ball, can't stop running into each other full tilt, can't see the ball until it hits them and their goalie can't catch.

Rash was about graffiti in Melbourne. Some very nice stuff. I loved the stencils. Ha Ha and tyRONE did the best art. Liked Ha Ha's robots particularly and the political stuff.

I wish they'd come up here and do something on the Clock Tower at Woy Woy. It's rather tacky and eighties and the taggers who target it and the rest of Brisbane Water are not very ambitious. I'd like something Steampunk or perhaps a crest with a pelican on one side and a Dear Old Thing on the other.

Nice and nippy today. Sunny and chilly. I've been trapped indoors all day but tomorrow I'll be on the road again.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Sounds like the exact reasons I loathed football at school!

And: Yay! I'm first!

Spike said...

And only by the look of it. Everyone else got distracted by thoughts of blokes in footy shorts.

You can get yer revenge by flying low and bombing them with lube sachets.