Thursday, April 13, 2006

Torture chamber

Trudged into the supermarket today for supplies. It was murder. Had to fight my way through the madding crowds. Harrassed housewives plagued by small screaming children, Dear Old Things stopping dead in the middle of crowded aisles with their hearing aids turned off and yours truly bobbing helplessly as on a storm-tossed sea.

Then some overindulged little oik in Kmart wanted the last blue Easter bunny. I tightened my fist around it and glared down at the little swine and barged off towards the checkout. I trod on a sniggering teenager on a mobile phone and when the baby clinging to the woman in front of me literally spat the dummy at the checkout chick, I saw bloodlust rise up in her. Poor thing, all that and barely twelve bucks an hour.

Outside in the carpark it was still chaotic. There's construction going on along one side of the carpark, taxis fighting for space with construction delivery persons and some fat bloke in a grubby tee shirt trying to back 50 foot freezer truck into a thirty foot delivery bay round the back.

But it was sprinkling. A light shower, cool and welcome on warm skin, and a breeze picking up. And now I'm home where there's no screaming sprogs and panic-buying parents and they can all just fuck off for a few days.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Public holidays are always Hell. I still don't understand why humans turn into crazed morons when inflicted with them.

I hope you enjoy your few days.

Spike said...

Ta. I will. You guys too.

Erica said...

so I guess that means you won't be going to the easter show.....(VBG)

Spike said...

Indeed I won't. It's full of screaming sprogs, mingy showbags and rancid pigs. The same effect can be had in a beer garden.

Fuckkit said...

Screaming sprogs in a beer garden? Whats the world coming to?

Spike said...

Admittedly there's less of this than there used to be. Perhaps I frightened them off :)