Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Goanna Street

(Random walkies)

God, these cold mornings are bliss. In summer I was leaping out of bed before dawn and scurrying out before the summer sun turned the Peninsula into the Sauna. Now I get up at dawn, dawdle over my toast and the paper then saunter off into the warm autumn sun and wander the streets as long as I fancy.

Down to Umina this morning then back up round the railway line.

Shell petrol station West Street Umina
(Big version)

Another one for my Bustling Downtown Woy Woy collection. Umina. Petrol station on the corners of Ocean each Road (crosswalk), Osborne Avenue (right) and Sydney Avenue (left middle distance).

On the site of a cinema (picture theatre) which Paddocks, Palaces and Picture Shows says was built or opened in 1954, had 595 seats, was 61 x 103 feet and had a 7 year career as a cinema. Doesn't say when it was demolished just that it was bought by Shell Oil.

That's the fourth or fifth demolished cinema on the Peninsula. There's only one now. In an eighties building, Ettalong Markets on Ocean View Road.

Shell petrol station West Street Umina
(Big version)

Same petrol station from beside the roundabout (traffic circle). Ocean Beach Road (beach end) where the red car is on the left, West Street in the foreground, Osborne Avenue behind the roundabout. I'm not loving those lamp posts. Too eighties. But they're only in West Street as far as I remember.

Moana Street Woy Woy
(Big version)

Not many fifties houses in the area. Moana Street's also known as Goanna Street.

This place didn't have much of a backyard but they've made good use of the front yard by the look of it.

Victoria Road Woy Woy
(Big version)

Not fifties but looks fifties influenced. Might be part of the revamp and expansion of the St John's buildings. Fucked if I can remember what used to be where the fifties-influenced bit is. Probably just a garage, judging by the garage door still standing. Victoria Road Woy Woy.

Think I'll drag a chair out onto the balcony after lunch, lay a sock over my eyes and toast myself for a bit. Some bastard's coughed on me with their evil flu germs.


Fuckkit said...

I wish some bastard would cough on me with their flu germs, I could use a tenuous excuse to be off work.

Fuckkit said...

Also, if you increased the width of ur blog then your sidebar would be at the side where it belongs ;)

Suzanne said...

You're totally cracking me up lately, for some reason - I think it's the image of the bachelor uncle/spinster aunt type pottering about going walkies and admiring the flora and taking genteel photographs of historical buildings - all so very Victorian - juxtaposed against the bad language and the slightly gleeful descriptions of death by oleander...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

It's so weird to see clouds in your photos.

Spike said...

Fuckkit - *cough* Don't say I don't give you nothing.

My blog is not too narrow. Your screen is too wide. Ha! I made it your fault.

But serously, how do I make it wider?

Suzanne - I have stolen your image and am getting it put on a business card as we speak. Thank yer.

Device - Isn't it but? Didn't have many last winter but when they came they gave me great views. Here's hoping it's another sunny winter. 'Specially as Fuckkit is coming and will whinge something cruel if it rains.

Fuckkit said...

How To Make A Blog Wider.

I made you a little guide you can download HERE.

Hope it helps :)

writer said...

If you come to Melbourne, take a walk around Richmond. It's amazing. Tiny workers' cottages strangled with old climbers and dwarfed by early twentieth century industrial monoliths with once-smoking giant chimneys; mixed in with frowning modern apartments cheek-by-jowl with grimy garages fixing specialist vehicles, Porsches and Maseratis and the like. I'm doing it at the moment, I walk several kilometres through all this to get to my current freelance job. The walk there and back is the best part about it.

Spike said...

Fuckkit - Ta muchly. Will apply myself diligently when effects of vodka drunk out of a chocolate rabbit wear off and filelodge site is back up.

Writer - Richmond sounds brilliant. No wonder so many fillums are made in Melbourne.

Fuckkit said...

I emailed it to ya luv, filelodge are unreliable scam artists :)

Spike said...

Bastards! I got it, ta, and will tackle the code after Easter. Get my reply?

Fuckkit said...

Won't get it till Tuesday m'dear, I emailed you from work :)

Spike said...