Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rawson Road jetty

Bright sunshiny autumn day today. Good day for walkies. Wandered about for a bit then found myself at the Rawson Road jetty. That's where we all went to gawk at the fires on New Year's Day.

Correa Bay from Rawson Road jetty
(Big version)

Private jetties, the hill the railway goes under and the end of Correa Bay on the right. I prefer its old name: Deadmans Bay.

Horsfield Bay from Rawson Road Woy Woy
(Big version)

Horsfield Bay. Behind the lights you can see some of the damage from the New Year's Day fires. This is one of the jetties where the evacuees came in their boats.

Phegans Bay from Rawson Road jetty Woy Woy
(Big version)

Phegans Bay. Can't see much fire damage from this angle. Most of it was up in Horsfield and Correa Bays anyways.

Combed clouds off Rawson Road jetty
(Big version)

Looking along Woy Woy Inlet, Gurdon Park on the ridge on the left, Woy Woy laying low across the middle to the right, Saratoga is the small hill in the middle distance and that's Green Point in the background.

The weird clouds're probably caused by the tail end of former cyclone Glenda. Glenda crossed the Western Australian coast a few days ago. No lives lost but a couple of tourists got a bit damp.

Dingy at Rawson Road jetty
(Big version)

Someone's dingy parked at the jetty.

Broken jetty
(Taken November 2005, big version)

The local rag says this nice old boatshed at Phegans Bay is on its last legs, Stebbing Lane is now called Stebbing Lane and Pearl Beach has updated its website. Balls. No update can be called an update when it doesn't get rid of those fugly frames. There's some pretty pictures though.

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