Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bustling Downtown Woy Woy

(Random walkies, holidaying from every-street walkies)

Another sunny autumn day in Woy Woy. Took a stroll in to the bakery and snapped some photos while I was there. Not many people about on a Wednesday morning so I got a few clear shots.

Woy Woy Library
(Big version)

Woy Woy Library. Built 1931 as the Woy Woy Council Chambers. Not sure when it was turned into the library but I expect it was after Woy Woy was incorporated into the Gosford City Council. As you go inside look to your right to see the old Council Chambers etched (?) glass doors.

There's three buildings altogether, all in the same materials and colours, built 1931 (library), 1933 (garage & storeroom originally, then branch office of Gosford Council, now part of the library extension) and 1935 (old fire station). Photo taken from between Checka's bakery and the chemist where the Pizza Hut used to be.

Woy Woy Library & the old Fire Station
(Big version)

Side view of the library with the old fire station visible to the right of the right hand palm and Woolies beyond that. The Fire Station was built in 1935 and matches the Library and the 1933 garage and storeroom out of frame to the left.

Pelican Island & the Woy Woy Baths
(Big version)

Pelican Island & the Woy Woy Baths. Barely a minute's walk from the library and the station. The baths are one of those old enclosed areas in the water with a net stopping the fish and most of the seaweed coming in. It's right next to the fish and chips and still popular with the sprogs.

The station is 50 yards behind the camera and a bit to the right. The ferry wharf is halfway between the station and the camera. The mangroves on the left are Pelican Island.

Memorial Park & Pelican Island
(Big version)

Dawn services are held here on Anzac Day (25th of April). On the memorial are the names of the wars and the battles. On the low walls around the park are the names of the dead with their ranks and enlistment numbers. Last year's notebook says the memorial is marked "AD 1925" and addressed "to our boys" from "the citizens of Woy Woy". There's half a dozen memorials all up in the park. The park is right next to the baths. The mangroves on the left are Pelican Island.

Memorial Park Woy Woy
(Big version)

Memorial Park Woy Woy. The road in the background is Brick Wharf Road, the main part of my final walk of Woy Woy's streets and prime Woyan real estate.

Woy Woy gets a fair amount of tourists. It's not like it's hard to get to here from Sydney. You just get on the train at Central and the train does the rest. The fast train takes 70 or 80 minutes. Sydneysiders make up most of our tourists. They swarm up here on the weekends in summer and have fish and chips by the water and lay on the uncrowded beach and shit like that.

I lived in Sydney for a few years. It's orright. Unless you live somewhere swish with a harbour view or in a nice 19th century suburb, it's just a city. I was sharing a flat near Parramatta with a long succession of fuckheads and I needed to find a place on my own. Came up to the Coast for a weekend holiday and I was sold. Started looking for a place here about ten minutes after I got off the train.

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