Friday, April 07, 2006

Paton Street

(Random holiday walkies)

This afternoon's walk makes a walk every day this week. What a change from a few weeks back when it was too bloody hot to do anything but sit around in yer undies whinging about the heat. This week it's been nice and nippy in the mornings then warm sunny afternoons like last autumn. We had one day of 33 (91.4 F) but even then it was a reasonable morning.

Railway Street Woy Woy
(Big version)

Wandered off up to the railway line today. Mostly pre-war houses along there but I found a couple of fifties there and in Paton Street. This one's in Railway Street near Rawson Road where the level crossing is. The windows look like sixties replacements but the shape of the house hasn't been obscured much and the colours are not bad.

Railway Street Woy Woy
(Big version)

Railway Street again, not far from the one above. This one's still got its fibro on but has the same sort of sixties-looking windows and some seventies fiddling on the veranda.

Found one fifties place in Paton Street but it was almost entirely obscured by trees and cars. The cars were parked two blocks back along Paton Street. Might be from the blokes working on the shopping centre. They're putting in ceilings and air-conditioning and shit like that.

No idea if Paton Street is named after the American General Paton. But the Drainage Levy introduced in 1991 ($42 per property) paid for some tinkering with drains around Brisbane Water for the purposes of flood mitigation.

The local council's Proposal For Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Prices For Period 2006/2007 and 2008/2009. It also had this to say:

To meet the community’s needs by providing a high quality water supply
complying with recognised drinking water standards ... To transport and treat sewage for disposal by effectively planning and developing works and operating and maintaining existing installations to provide services fit for customers’ purpose ...

I told you they're going to make us drink our own wee.


Fuckkit said...

You're walking the wrong country, mate. Why not nip over here and walk every street in Manchester or Oxford?
I can guarantee you wont be sitting about in your undies ;)

Suzanne said...

I heard a rumor that they're worried about ever increasing quantities of Prozac in the water supply in some places (London?) because so many people are taking Prozac and pissing it out and it's not being filtered out by current technology before it re-enters the water supply. Pretty soon you won't need birth control in some major cities as well. Speaking of drinking your wee.

Spike said...

Fuckkit - Mmm...Oxford in spring ... the scent of old stone and unwashed undergraduates ... Yes please!

Suzanne - That explains why all the Londoners just stood around in the streets after the tube bombings. I thought they were calm when in fact they'd been taking the piss.

Blissed out peeps with no screaming babies? Sounds like a plan.