Monday, August 28, 2006

Beane Street

Dear God. When will it end? Yep, you guessed it. I'm still laid up with the flu. The Dear Old Things knock on my door every lunchtime with "just a little something hot dear" and thank Christ they do or I would've died of hunger by now. Anyways, enough whinging. On with the photos. Took these two last week some time in Beane Street Gosford.

Beane Street Gosford

I like this office. The way it sits there like a slab hanging out over the slope, drinking up the sun.

It's on the corner of Mann Street/Pacific Highway just up from the railway station. The hill in the background I can't find the name of. It's the one between the railway and the race course in West Gosford.

Beane Street Gosford

Beane Street, Faunce Street and Etna Street are full of nice old bungalows now doing time as doctor's surgeries.

I'm not loving the colours of this one, brown and yellow are a colour combination I'd happily banish from my universe, but the bungalow's nice enough in shape. I like that little bit of decoration along the fence. Simple but jaunty.

God, I'm buggered. There's a nice bit of wind in the trees to listen too and a soft warm quilt to lie under. I'm off back to bed.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I hope you banish that flu soon. Once you're well again, you can sneak out in the dead of night and paint that hideously coloured bungalow-thing in nicer colours!

Belongum said...

Gudday Spike... thought I'd drop by and see what Woy Woy looked like through your eyes so to speak... love other peoples slices of life - makes for an interesting 'peek' at the world in general.

Ditch that cold mate, can't wait to see more...


pattie said...

have some more soup matey
and not so much of the vodka..
get well soon
we all miss you

pattie said...

sending healing thoughts your way
and hope things are improving
for you spike
best wishes

Spike said...

Everyone - Thank yer kindly for all the nice comments and soup vibes. They helped.

Device dear - What a brilliant idea. I shall become the Phantom Fiddler, I mean Painter.

Belongum - Ta. now what you mean about other people's eyes. Love the naval glossary BTW.

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