Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I like traffic lights

(Random walkies)

This is what I was going to tell you yesterday. We've now got four sets of traffic lights on the Woy Woy peninsula. One more set and we'll be a throbbing metropolis.

Corner of Ocean Beach Road & McMasters Street Woy Woy

Corner of Ocean Beach Road & McMasters Street Woy Woy. Looking down Ocean Beach Road in the direction of Umina and the beach.

Our fourth set of traffic lights pre-activiation. They were being tested yesterday. This intersection is a bastard for traffic and pedestrians. An accident waiting to happen.

Doing a right turn onto Ocean Beach Road here can take five minutes, there's an oval on the further side of the road (right side of picture) and various other kiddy leisure activites in the community centre on this side. Ocean Beach Road is a blind curve if you're coming out of McMasters Road and not much better if you're coming out of Dunban Road.

Traffic lights on Blackwall Road Woy Woy

Blackwall Road Woy Woy. Sets two (red) and three (green) of Woy Woy's four sets of traffic lights. The oldest set of lights is at the station.

Looking in the direction of Woy Woy Station and Phegans Bay where the fires were on New Year's Day. The pool is on the left behind that ute.


Blackwall Road Woy Woy

Old 1950s service station (garage) on Blackwall Road Woy Woy, right next to the swimming pool. It was fenced off for about a year then last week I went down that way and it was being demolished.

Railway Street Woy Woy

This house and the one to the left of it are now gone. Demolished about a week ago. Went past yesterday and a grader was working on the empty site, flattening it and smoothing it out and making the footpath judder under my feet.


Suzanne said...

Demolitions - yikes. One wonders what they're being demolished to make way for? I have visions of developers salivating and rubbing their greedy little palms together. Good thing you're creating this wonderful record of Woy Woy - in case Progress decides to run over it like a ten ton truck.

Spike said...

Units. They can't build up more than a couple of storeys I think but they cram quite a few units onto a block of land like that.

The Central Coast (between Sydney and Newcastle) is due something like 110,000 extra people before 2015.

The Woy Woy peninsula has about 32,000 now. I'm thinking with the population of Dear Old Things steadly dropping off the peg and their houses being bulldozed for units, we could cram in another 5,000 here easy.

Hopefully the newbies will be over 55 so the Peninsula keeps the same slow villagey feel.

Gosford is scary with the amount of building sites it's got now. Half of the streets I've walked there so far have a building site on them. Just those flats going up on Henry Parry Drive and John Whiteway Drive will hold a couple of hundred people.

I'm bloody glad I'm catching the old places before they go. It'll be interesting to see the changes.

Spike said...

P.S. Developers definitely salivate.