Monday, August 07, 2006

Wind & rain

Could clear up this afternoon. The Met says it'll clear on Wednesday but what do they know?

Meanwhile, I shall be pursuing various indoor pursuits such as working. Gag.

Here's a video to be going on with. The wind in a big golden wattle bush.

(Watch it & my other videos at YouTube)

This is a schoolroom ditty we had to recite when I were a wee thing. Picture a schoolroom full of small snot-nosed sprogs, the earnest well-scrubbed children at the front, the budding louts at the back and the miniature cynics in the middle rows, all clutching a tiny sprig of wattle.

This here is a wattle
Symbol of our land
You can stick it in a bottle
You can hold it in your hand


Suzanne said...


Spike said...

Now you know why I can't see wattle without thinking of snot.

jen said...

Nothing like wind & rain to spoil a walk. Sounds like the winter we had here this year. I don't mind going out in a little rain, but when the wind is blowing too, it's just miserable.

That wattle song is just great. And I can picture the classroom. Heh heh.

Spike said...

It's the rainy walks that make me miserable. Wind walks I'm quite keen on. Today was a bit much though.

You know that thing in the movies where someone has to prove they're not a spy by reciting the American Presidents. I reckon you could suss out the spies here with the wattle song. You say "this here is a wattle" and if they don't automatically say "symbol of our land" blow them away!