Thursday, August 17, 2006

Winter blooms

(Gosford walkies #21)

Late winter is full of flowers here. Couple of weeks ago it was the golden wattle and now it's a couple of dozen plants.

Orange daisies

Some sort of daisy. Possibly a marigold. Your guess is as good as mine.

Australian native

No idea what this one's called either. It's a common plant in the bush and some people use it in their gardens. Tiny pink flowers on a low bush.

Purple & white daisies

These are definitely daisies. Navy blue centres they've got. When they're purple and white they mainly stay short like this lot. When they're all white they grow in a metre-high bush.

Magnolia denudata

God, I love the pink Magnolia denudata. Beautiful. Rush out and see them. They'll go in the first wind of Spring.

Magnolia denudata

The buds are quite dark.

Magnolia denudata

Then they open up a bit and you can see the insides are white.

Magnolia denudata

Fully open and already faded a little by the sun. They fade to quite a pale pink sometimes. But mostly they've fallen from the tree before that. They shed their petals as soon as there's a bit of wind.

And wind there will be. Spring is almost upon us and Spring means wind and storms and rain. Beautiful.


pattie said...

i think those ''daisies'
are called osteoperinuins
we have them in the UK
the spelling isn't right!!
but they are very pretty and bloom all summer

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Those marigold/daisy things are eye-poppingly vivid. I love them!

Spike said...

Pattie, I think they last all summer here too.

Couple of flickrites say they're Orange Pigface and/or ice plant. Fight it out amongst yerselves :)

Device dear, they're the visual equivalent of a strong coffee no?