Friday, August 04, 2006

Racecourse Road

(Gosford walkies #18)

Ferry at the Commercial Wharf Woy Woy

The sky at 9AM this morning, Woy Woy Wharf. Looked at that cloud and decided to come back home. Just as well. I'd barely stepped in the front door when it started pissing down.

Did a walk up Gosford on Tuesday and forgot to blog it. It was clear that day, warm and sunny with a faint breeze.

Narara Creek from the Henry Kendall Bridge on Pacific Hwy West Gosford

There's a race course in West Gosford and a road that goes past it called Racecourse Road. The road goes round past the golf course and two high schools and behind the hospital and is a good road to nip down and bypass all the traffic on Mann Street through the centre of Gosford.

I started at Henry Kendall Bridge over Narara Creek, just across from the RSL and down the road a bit from the Red Cow Inn.

Park beside Narara Creek at Henry Kendall Bridge West Gosford

Small pleasant park beside Narara Creek at Henry Kendall Bridge West Gosford. Right next to the MacCafe carpark.

Narara Creek West Gosford

Narara Creek from the park. Looks like a lovely peaceful park in these photos but it's actually pretty noisy. It's right beside the Pacific Highway which is the main route into Gosford for all the traffic and trucks coming off the F3 (Sydney to Newcastle freeway).

Gosford Racecourse Racecourse Road West Gosford

Then I went along past the race track up Racecourse Road. This is the Gosford Race Course front gates. Can't find anything like them in my architecture book but I've got a feeling they're a 1970s revival or repro of a 1920s style.

Caller's box Gosford Race Course Racecourse Road Gosford

Race caller's box. Just along from the gates.

There was a great programme on the telly about the history of the races in Sydney. Back in the thirties or forties there were unauthorised callers who used to sit on top of a truck with a microphone and a pair of binoculars and call the race for radio stations and sometimes the call would be interrupted when the truck's driver saw the cops coming and drove off with the caller still perched on top.

Gosford Golf Club Racecourse Road Gosford

Along past the races. Narara Creek's on the other side of the golf course and that looks like Presidents Hill in the background.

Magnolia denudata Racecourse Road Gosford

Further along Racecourse Road, up near the railway line, in the carpark of a school o summat.

The deciduous magnolias in the Brisbane Water area are mostly native to the Himalayas as far as I can see. They're small trees that flower in late winter. The flowers don't last long but they're quite beautiful.

Gawd, it's nippy and dark again today. I've had the light on all day and a nice wooly jumper as well.


Suzanne said...

I love the story about the radio guys calling the races from the roofs of their trucks - I can just picture it.

Spike said...

They did re-enactments and stuff. It was excellent. It was a series called The Track.

One of the interviewees was this woman with a four-packet-a-day voice, a hacking cough and a barking laugh who talked about the SP bookies during the war and sitting over the radio on a Saturday afternoon listening to the gabble of the call and her aunty or someone sitting on the betting slips when the cops came.

Must put that DVD in my letter to Santa this year.