Monday, August 21, 2006

Peeks Point

(Gosford walkies #22)

Peeks Point is the next point over from Point Frederick (AKA Longnose). The suburb at Peeks Point is officially called East Gosford but some of the residents call it Peeks Point. Sounds classier.

Friendship Path Russell Drysdale Street East Gosford

Friendship Path through the waterfront reserve off Russell Drysdale Street. Nice winding boardwalk through the pines and mangroves.

Drysdale was an Australian painter. Born in England in 1912, lived in Melbourne, painted some stuff, carked it in 1983. I like Man feeding his dogs.

Sculpture outside Edogawa Gardens East Gosford

Yes, but is it art?

Sculpture and/or bundle of stakes outside the Edogawa Gardens. Nice soft weathered greys.

Edogawa Gardens East Gosford

Edogawa Gardens. It's got a wee artificial lake with koi fish (carp) and one of them raked stone gardens thingies.

Might poke my head in next autumn and see if they've got those miniature maple type trees that get red leaves in autumn.

Point Frederick from Edogawa Gardens East Gosford

Longnose from beside the Edogawa Gardens. Longnose in the middle distance and the point Clare ridge behind.

Ironbark Point from Wharf Street East Gosford

Ironbark Point from Wharf Street. Ironbark Point's just north of Green Point. Not a lot of public views available at Peeks Point. It's mainly built right down to the water, except the bit beside the Edogawa Gardens.

Peeks Point is not architecturally exciting. A dearth of nice old bungalows and cottage and a plentitude of seventies and eighties houses and flats plus some nineties and noughties mansions on the water. But there been and will be more exciting suburbs. I've got plenty of unexplored streets yet.


On Friday I said the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan was on Saturday. I was talking out of my arse. It was Sunday.


pattie said...

all that blue sky ..looks wonderful, is it warm yet?loved the japanese gardens got some lovely photos of the kids feeding the koy carp.its a very pleasant place to spend an hour and the picture gallery is good the cafe. a friend pointed out the trees by the car park,the smell of the bark.wonderful......s nice day out ..thank you........

Spike said...

It is indeed warm. 24 yesterday. Tee shirt weather. Same again today but I'm indoors nursing a dose of the flu.

Watching those fish is hypnotic. Might've bounded through the gallery once. I don't remember it well. It's a nice spot for a coffee.

I'm back to bed. Bloody temp's gone up again. Send vodka.