Thursday, August 24, 2006

No walkies today

I'm full of fever and antibiotics. Bloody flu again.

After only an hour of effort I got out of bed at nine. Made a nice hot cuppa tea and I'd drunk half of it before I realised 1) it was in a bowl instead of a cup.

Not terribly good walkies weather anyways. Overcast and rainy. Light's all wrong for photos.

I'm going to read a few blogs then totter off for a little lie-down before lunch.

Send vodka.


Aesthetic said...

Finlandia or Vodka-O?

I wanted to let you know that the blog Blissed died in the arse. But I have a new Blog called Pleasant Avenue, which is pics from around the northern beaches/Pittwater (not as much writing).


Anonymous said...

im so sorry your not well again
this flu must be a very strong strain.......take care of yourself
matey....get well soonest.
best wishes

Spike said...

Aesthetic, Finlandia please.

Wondered what happened to Blissed. Will bung new link in.

Pattie, strong strain, weak Spike, bad combo. Thank yer. I'm eating chicken soup and cossetting myself.

Suzanne said...

Cosseting? Is that one of those aussie expressions that don't quite mean what you think they mean? Shouldn't you be conserving your strength?

pattie said...

cosseting ,? we say that in the uk
to cosset ,look after.
make sure you do spike.want to go walkies again soon.xx

Spike said...

Suzanne & Pattie, LOL. I am indeed conserving my strength. Got cabin fever and determined to go walkies tomorrow.

Right now I'm sitting on the balcony soaking up the morning sun's strength then it's back to bed.

pattie said...

do you have a water vuew spike
that sunshine will do you good
look in tomorrow and hope you are better ,well somewhat anyway this will take a while to get over i thnk.xx pattie.

Spike said...

No waterview. Would if I knocked down the house in front but they might object.

My balcony gets the full sun all day. Glorious spot in this sort of weather. I sit out there under a blanket and drench myself with warmth.

Think you might be right. The Dear Old Things have been telling me horror stories of this year's flu strains lasting for a fortnight. Might shoot myself if it comes to that.

pattie said...

none of that talk........
you will soon be better im sure
sending lots of healing thoughts
so just enjoy all that sunshine and drink lots of water.....and chicken soup is just the thing
so you will soon be well again