Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walk like an Egyptian

(Random walkies)

Now we've all got that trashy eighty song stuck in our heads, let's look at some more rock carvings.

Hieroglyphs at Kariong

These are not far from yesterday's Bulgandry Man.

From the Bulgandry Man site on Woy Woy Road go a few hundred yards further towards Kariong and there's a gated track on the Gosford side of the road.

When the track ran out we went off downhill to the left, over a fallen tree, round a couple of big boulders and downhill again through some sandy patches full of ants and lizard holes and a flat spilt rock.

Hieroglyph at Kariong

The carvings are in a passage between two huge boulders, well-protected from the weather but easy to miss.

Some of them look like they were done in the last 10 years with a power tool. This guy says they were begun around 1975, in 1984 a park ranger sprung someone adding to them with a chisel and "NPWS Rangers regularly confiscate tools and hammers left at the site."

Mystery hole

Mystery hole in the cleft where the hieroglyphs are. Someone's been digging for Christ knows what.

There's a few more photos of the hieroglyphs here. Scroll down near end.

Scribbly gum

Scribbly gum
(Eucalyptus rossii or racemosa). They're pretty common in NSW. Have a gander at the big photo.


Bit a history stuff from the NPWS on the Bulgandry Man site from yesterday.

I might totter off and have a little lie down. Haven't been feeling crash hot over the last few weeks. The guts playing up again.

Fell asleep on the sofa last night and woke up near the end of an old episode of Spooks, just before the cute intense guy is about to shoot two mutineers in an end-of-the-world scenario but then his boss says "okay, stop, this was a drill". Sat there bewildered for several minutes trying to work out whether the world had ended or not.


playful said...

Hi Spike,
I like your pictures of the glyphs. Very sharp. I've been back recently to see them again. Did you know that there's a project of development on Bambara road (the track into the site, and that the gorgeous Woy Woy hieroglyphs are threatened? Apparently there was a court case, but development is going ahead.
Wishing you a beautiful day,

Spike said...

Ta very much for the link. It's excellent.

Hope a bit of the hieroglyphs gets taken away smewhere for safe keeping. I love them as a weird little fragment of local history.