Friday, August 11, 2006

Keever Lane

Lanes are fun. You get to peer into the backs of businesses and old houses and surprise people having an illicit fag when they're s'posed to be working. This one wasn't wildly exciting but now I know what's in there.

Keever Lane Gosford

Like the tree. There's what looks like a wizard's hat as well. Can't work out the business on the left though.

Keever Lane Gosford. Just up from Mann Street going from Faunce Street to Beane Street, behind the car place opposite the bus station.

Keever Lane Gosford


Perhaps Wayne was the guy who did this. Whoever he was, it's a great portrait. Hoping to stumble across more from this artist.

Keever Lane Gosford

Block of flats in the lane. Don't look very salubrious from this side but they've probably got a half-decent view.

Old quarry video
The one I promised yesterday. Panorama of the old quarry on John Whiteway Drive, Gosford. The one that's now got a construction site sign on the fence.

(Watch it at YouTube)

There's a pack of Australian videos on YouTube. Australia Now & Always. Haven't looked at any of them yet.

Lovely and sunny today. Might be able to get away for an afternoon walk.

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