Monday, October 03, 2005

Park's Bay Park - Brisbane Water Walk #2

Park's Bay is a snippet of a place. A couple of dozen houses perched at the foot of a hill next to the railway line. You leave Woy Woy and head towards Gosford on Brisbane Water Drive. On the right there's the low flat green of Pelican Island. Then you're on the short bridge across the narrows and to the right of the bridge is Park's Bay. Look out the wrong window and you'll miss it.

Park's Bay

As a walk it was twenty minutes from the Bay View pub near the ferry wharf to where the narrow dirt access road goes under the railway bridge. It was nice and cool under there. By nine this morning it was already 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit) or more and there was no shade along Brisbane Water Drive.

Park's Bay looks pretty peaceful but it can't be very quiet. Goods trains thunder along there at various hours of the night and day and the passenger trains go through more than once an hour. Maybe it's cheap. Anyways, whatever else it is, the hillside is choked with lantana and I couldn't find the second of its two streets.

It looks clear enough on my map. One long narrow street and a short one coming off it not far from the hill end. Found the end all right. Just not the short street. The only path that might've connected them was too narrow for cars and ended in a private property sign.

I was getting a bit cross and tired. I thought, Fuck it, I'm not clambering back up the hill and thrashing about in the lantana looking for a missing street. The bastard will have to wait for another day.

So I came home. And I might just go back to bed after lunch. Feel okay but I'm bloody tired and anxious not to lapse back into the flu and have another fucking six week bout.


Suzanne said...

Tired and fuddled and planning to catch up on my reading tomorrow, but couldn't go to bed without a quick quick skim of what's new with you - but I'm certain I'm missing something. Brisbane Water Walk #2? How did I miss #1? Maybe it's one of those timing things...

Yes, take the nap, take two naps and write me in the morning - feel better soon.

Spike said...

Bugger. I left another vital bit out of the convo. Brisbane Water Walk #1 was the Peninsula. Must write clearer posts!

Spike said...

And thank yer. I feel much better. Gobbled down the right amount of antibiotics early enough this time and staved off the worst of it. Though I don't think I'll risk the cinema (theatre) this week. I want to see Wallace & Gromit but the place will be chockers with snot-filled children.