Monday, December 19, 2005

Chequers - The Bays #3 - Brisbane Water Walk #6

Sore feet. Which means I'm walking further and doing well with my training for the Woy Woy to Gosford walk in June. Only got to increase my endurance to 11 kilometres so it's not going to be difficult.

The wind over the weekend was beautiful. Cool and almost constant, coming up from the south and keeping the temperature down. But we're due for 32 - 36 (89.6 - 96.8F) this week so it's just as well I got The Bays finished today.

I last walked there on the 16th of November and stopped because it was a pain in the bum to get back from on hot days.

I started at Della Bosca's house. There's a wee plaque on the gate I didn't see last time. "Ernest Garrett's, built c.1908, Gosford City Council, Heritage Item NÂș132". I over-estimated its age last time I saw it, thinking it was around 1870-80. No matter, it's still Federation. His dog stuck its nose hopefully through the gate at me and I gave it a chest rub. Lovely black dog with 'Chequers' on its collar. Couldn't see the back of the house but there was a brush turkey standing in the backyard looking bemused. There seems to be a lot of bachelor brush turkeys still wandering about.

The sulphur-crested galahs were out and about, sailing overhead, screeching and cackling in the trees on the ridges. Saw a couple more brush turkeys and a kookaburra sitting on a branch not ten feet from me as I went past. I stopped and it turned its head look at me but seemed quite relaxed.

Today's was a hilly walk with not much traffic on The Bays' roads and plenty on Woy Woy Road up to the F3. There was a couple of corners on Woy Woy Road where a pedestrian might get skittled. But I find if you pay attention and look at the numberplate first then straight into the driver's eyes they're much more careful. Further down past Horsfield Road there's about 500 yards of road too dodgy to risk in the pre-Christmas traffic. A sharp drop down the hill on one side, a cliff on the other and a three-inch verge. Later maybe.

The views were good. Didn't get many of them due to the trees but from Kunala Lane and a few other spots you can see down in Horsfield and Deadman's (AKA Correa) Bays and right across to Daley's Point and St Hubert's Island. I watched the glints of traffic on Rawson Road and Woy Woy Road for a few minutes and felt pity for all those people locked into the Christmas panic. From the top of Horsfield Road you can see out through Box Head and Barrenjoey Head to the sea. There were tight cumulus forming out at sea so perhaps we're due some more rain and storms. Hope so.

With finishing The Bays today and Point Clare last Friday, I've done all up the western side of Brisbane Water. Excellent. Next is West Gosford at the north-west corner.

Brisbane Water Walks
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