Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Woy Woy General Store

No2 Woy Woy Road
(Big version)
"Woy Woy General Store, 2 Woy Woy Road, Woy Woy South ... c.1912". From my hist list, my list of pre-1940 buildings around Brisbane Water.

In the big version you can see the windows in the middle and on the right are seventies. Seventies "modernisation" saw a lot of crappy windows ruin facades of a lot of otherwise beautiful houses.

Take a look as well at the roof gables. See how different the left one is from the right one? Different pitch (angle of slope), different vent (round thingy), different materials (weatherboard on the left, brick under render on the left). The windows on the left look real even up close. Old windows can be bought at demolition sales.

Old side of No2
(Big version)
Looking at the roofline and looking up close, the original shop seems to be the middle and right hand side.

Second hand windows
(Big version)
Up close I could see the style and materials of the 1980s on this section of the building (the left hand side). These windows look genuine enough though. Probably bought from a demolition site.

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