Friday, December 23, 2005

Gang Nail - West Gosford #2 - Brisbane Water Walk #9

Short walk today and not terribly exciting. Just a couple of streets then off to the shops to pick up my ham.

There's RepCo and OfficeWorks on the corner of Pacific Highway and Yallambee Street. The Gosford RSL (Returned Servicemens' League) is on the other side. Behind the RSL there's the retirement village. Perhaps 300 units, early eighties down at the end and a new lot of units going up, over-tidy gardens, nothing out of the ordinary. Behind RepCo there's the big empty sheds of an abandoned timber yard, one of which has a faded old sign on it saying "GANG NAIL".

The street's a dead end on the north side of Fagans Bay. It must be mozzie (mosquito) heaven there with mangroves of the bay on one side and Narara Creek on the other. Rabbit heaven too, judging by the sign up on a fence warning of rabbit poison laid down. There were walkers tottering along the street and cyclists popping out of the end of the cycle path beside the timber yard and every second garden had a Dear Old Thing in a wide-brimmed hat fossicking about in it.

Walked along the highway for a few minutes after that. It was another hot steamy morning. The air was filled with jasmine and jessamine and exhaust fumes and noise. The morning traffic roared through the lights and some bloke in a van shouted "Fuckwit!" at another bloke in another van. Three ambulances went past in the space of ten minutes, one nosing through the traffic with lights and siren on. A couple of the Dear Old Things here were taken out feet first last Christmas. Hopefully there'll be none this year.

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