Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What Santa Brung

Booze and chocolate, of course. Always welcome though there were none of those shells this year.

Book. National Trust Guide: Trace the History of Your House or Other Places. Tells you how to poke around outside old buildings for clues to their age and has massive lists of websites and books to check out. It's also light and small enough to cart round with me on my walkies. Excellent.

Digital camera. Kodak DX6440, 4x optical zoom, 4 megapixels, 16MG of internal memory, USB connection to the comp. You can plug it into one of those printer dock thingies apparently but I use my own printer for photos.
The software download was a bit fucked. The fucking CD wouldn't load the drivers then it took several goes to get it off the site. Took a whole fucking hour to download on my pissy dial-up. But it's got some cool effects in it (like making photos into cartoons) and some useful fixing functions and it's easy enough to use.
Gotta get a huge memory card. The HD in it only holds 9 photos at the highest res (4MP). I cracked it open before Christmas and took a few photos already.

I enjoyed Christmas this year. Haven't since I was about ten. This year was different. Apart from missing Gran, I enjoyed it. It was nothing major but it was good. I felt free. Since my father threw me out of the family I've felt so free and this Christmas was part of that. It felt like a whole new kind of Christmas, a good kind where I got to keep the good bits and the bad bits have fucked off of their own accord. I'm looking forward to the next one.

How was yours?

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