Thursday, December 22, 2005

First Fly of Summer - Photos

From First Fly of Summer - Pt Clare #2 - Brisbane Water Walk #8.

St John's
(Big version)
St John's church in Takari Street, Point Clare, next to the school. Until I find out more about it, I'm putting this one down as 1900 - 1940s with identity issues.

The middle part, under the middle roof, is minimalist Carpenter Gothic (circa 1840 - circa 1890) like a lot of the smallest churches in Australia. So are the furtherest section and the windows on the closer section. Church buildings tend to be built to a theme so the Carpenter Gothic thing may be a theme carried on after the actual Carpenter Gothic period.

The foundations are 1940s brick piers (stumps) at the back and the brick wall foundation you can see on the side here goes with the 40s piers.

The pitch and style of the roof on the closest section look like a 1940s addition. Leftover or copied windows but otherwise 1940s. The furtherest section I'd go for as an old parish schoolhouse dated about the same time as the middle.

The sandstone wall has me stumped. Is it from the earliest building on this site or later? When I find out when Gosford quarry stopped quarrying sandstone I'll have a much better idea.

Back of St John's
(Big version)
The back of St John's. You can better see the 1940s brick piers (stumps) & accompanying wall foundations. And is that a hideous 1970s window there above the bush? The decade that style forgot is dead right.

Point Clare School
(Big version)
The oldest building I could see from the road at Point Clare Primary. Probably 1940s, going by the brick piers and the pitch of the roof.

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