Friday, December 09, 2005

Fairlight - Point Clare #3 - Brisbane Water Walk #8

I must be doing something right because I get plenty of pussy. This one ran out from its garden meowing at me. A pretty little grey thing with a white nose and chest. I stopped and gave it a few nice firm backrubs and it wound itself tight round my leg. People say cats don't like their tails touched but I've always found the opposite to be true. Wrap your fist round it firmly but don't tug too hard. (This works on certain other creatures as well.)

Got going fairly early this morning. Six thirty. By seven the cicadas had started and the flies were bad. The birds were twittering like Christmas came early so maybe it's going to rain today after all. I bloody hope so. It'd cut the humidity a bit. There was the heavy perfume of gardenias in Fiona Street and a mynah bird plucking small orange fruit out of a palm tree and chucking them to the ground.

There's quite a steep hill on Fiona Street and a decent bit of view down into Fagan's Bay. It's a small fairly muddy bay lined with thick mangroves, more of a cove than a bay. The other side of it is West Gosford and the Garner Adcock Memorial Park with all its sports fields.

'Fairlight' is a lovely cottage with wide verandas at No10 Welwyn Avenue. My hist list has it as "House, John & Eliza Parr ... c.1910". Looked like there'd been a few repairs over the years but mostly it was original on the outside. Nice big pine beside it too. And before the street filled up in the seventies it would've had a clear view across Fagan's Bay to the race track at West Gosford and to Gosford and Longnose (AKA Point Frederick).

At the end of Welwyn is the pedestrian thingy under the train. Cyclists and walkers were coming through it in droves when I was down at TS Hawkesbury the other day. My map (this year's street directory) shows the cycle path as starting at Collard Road but it actually starts at the pedestrian thingy. I followed it round until I came to a lane back onto the streets. Nice and shady, the cycle path. Bloody noisy with pink-and-greys (galahs) at that hour but nice. Couldn't see that bay for mangroves and feral monsteria but there was plenty of shade from the pines and the path was nice and wind-y like all good paths should be.

Jason and the argonauts were at work on the trees. The argonauts anyways, maybe Jason was at the office doing the paperwork. They had a truck and a cherry-picker and called themselves "Argonauts Tree & Timber Service". There's also a bloke who does gardens and calls himself "The Lawn Ranger".

By 8.30 I was bloody hot and covered in fly tracks and the streets were filling up with reluctant sprogs dragging themselves off to school. There were cumulus going down to Sydney but none for us and the rain's not due till Sunday. I got on the bus and I was coming in as next door was going out.

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