Friday, December 23, 2005

Santa Baby

Three posts today, four if you count this one.
Gang Nail - West Gosford #2
Fairlight Photos - from Point Clare #3 - Brisbane Water Walk #8
Late & Out of Timetable Order - recent walks listed in walking order

Street walkers article
Walking the world by San Fransiscan journo & walker Tom Graham.

Tomorrow is going to be a shocker of a day for heat. Forty fucking degrees (about 102 Fahrenheit) is the forecast, with a storm in the afternoon, thank Christ. I'm not setting foot outdoors until it's all over. I have my ham and my other Christmas goodies in the fridge and a welcome mat out for Santa. I'm locking my door against the madness tonight and between now and Boxing day only people with presents or booze can come in.

Hope you all have a decent Christmas/Festivus/made-up paganish celebration/whatever, free from drunken fist fights in the backyard and five-hour lectures from great-uncle Harold about Young People Today.

Blogging will resume on the 28th of January.


Vampire Librarian said...

Happy Holidays, Spike. Hope your holiday is joyful.

Brighton said...

Warm here, too warm for the holidays in my opinion.

Spike said...

Yours too, Vamp, with plenty of time off from drongo library users :)

Yers, Brighton, Christmas should have snow, no matter where you live.