Friday, December 30, 2005

More Photos from Golden Avenue

From Golden Avenue - Pt Clare #5.

White Iron Fence
(Big version)
Rather a des res, even with the one-size-fits-all headstone.

(Big version)
What all the dead drama queens are wearing this year.

Not For The Squeamish
(Big version)
Fresh and not so fresh graves. The one at the back with the yellow flowers looks less than a week old, the one on its right looks maybe a month old and the one in the foreground is just over than 8 months.

Q Van
(Big version)
In the ambulance station on Brisbane Water Drive at Pt Clare. On the cab it says "Q Van". Had a quick Google and it looks like some sort of rescue thingy.

Taken with my pissy $20 film camera from across the road at the bus stop. These photos and one more lot I'll post next week are from the last film before my digital camera. No more hanging about for a week waiting for film to develop.

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