Thursday, December 15, 2005

Photos from 1847 - Kincumber #1

From 1847 - Kincumber #1 - Brisbane Water Walkies #7. Point Clare, where I'm walking at the moment is #8. Started Kincumber when I had to go there a few times in November. Walking clockwise round Brisbane Water, it's due to be finished in the middle of next year.

Entrance of St Paul's
(Big version)
I love the simplicity. It falls into the Victorian Free Gothic style and period (circa 1840 - circa 1890) but suffers none of the frilliness.

Built in 1847, according to my hist list (didn't find the foundation marker while I was there). The earliest grave I found in its churchyard was 1810 so I'm guessing there was another church building on the site or nearby before this one was built.

Beautiful creamy golden sandstone is the standard for stone churches in Australia. Mind you, this poor bugger desperately wants cleaning. All that dark colour is from pollution. It's on a major crossroads.

Corner of Avoca Drive & Empire Bay Drive in Kincumber. There's a wee carpark immediately after it on the downhill side.

St Paul's graveyard
(Big version)
Squeamish peeps, fear not. That grave isn't as fresh as it looks. The date on the headstone is "10th May 2004" and this photo was taken in November 2005. The settle rate of this grave is normal, from what I remember from a tour at Rookwood.

The back left corner of the churchyard, looking from the Empire Bay Drive side. Beautiful old sandstone headstones in the background. Couple of metres to the left of this photo is the wall of plaques where the urns go and more of the newest graves.

Looking up at St Paul's
(Big version)
This side faces Empire Bay Drive. Behind the camera is the front left corner (as seen from Empire Bay Drive) and the oldest graves.

St Paul's & graveyard
(Big version)
The back of the church, as seen from the Empire Bay Drive side.

I love the bell-onna-stick thing over there on the left. They don't have a bell tower so i guess the minister used to get out there on Sunday mornings and give it a good clanging.

As you can see from the newness of those graves in the foreground, this graveyard is still in use.

Hall of Arts
(Big version)
Kincumber School of Arts, circa 1914, directly opposite St. Paul's, on the corner of Empire Bay Drive & Tora Street. Still in use.


Vampire Librarian said...

Spike, I've been remiss in saying this. You take some really great pictures and thanks for sharing them with us. I've never been to Austrailia and sadly may never get a chance to visit your great continent, but your pictures and text let me visit cyberly.

Spike said...

Thank yer, specially about the pictures. I just staring moodily at that last one and thinking it was crap :)

Anonymous said...

I thought i would fill you in on the bell on a stick.....the tree was cut down and placed at the school and the church were on the same ground by my Grand father Edward Foster and he attended this school.....I use to go to this church as a child with my Nan......The bell is rang after every service held.....