Saturday, December 10, 2005

More Phegans Bay Photos

From The Bays #2 - Brisbane Water Walk #6.

View from the bus stop
(Big version)
Downtown Phegans Bay on a busy weekday morning. The houses are on Phegans Bay Road. The boatshed is at the broken jetty. The ridge separates Phegans from Woy Woy Bay. Woy Woy itself is on the right out of frame.

Silver bay
(Big version)
With the clouds coming and going, the light was changing constantly. These 3 photos were taken between 8.30 and 10.30 AM the same day.
On the left: Gurdon Park on the tip of the ridge that separates Woy Woy Bay from Phegan's.
On the right: Woy Woy. The hill is either Blackwall Mountain or Daley's Point. Hard to tell from this angle.

Phegan's Bay & Woy Woy
(Big version)
On the left: Woy Woy Road, Woy Woy. The ambulances and firetrucks go howling up this road to the F3 almost daily. The F3 (motorway/intercity highway) connects Sydney to Newcastle.
On the right: Horsfield Bay is behind the ridge. There's 4 bays in The Bays. Woy Woy Bay, Phegans, Horsfield and Deadman's (AKA Correa).


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