Thursday, December 08, 2005

Photos from The Bays #2

From The Bays #2 - Brisbane Water Walk #6.

Purple haze
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Looking across at Woy Woy from the top of Central Avenue.

Renovation rescue
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When good reno's happen to ugly houses. Look at the brick foundation on the left side and you'll see that this was once some hideous seventies house. Looks waaaaay better now.

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'Geebung'. Looking at the bits added on and the pitch of the original part of the roof, I'm putting this one at 1890 - 1920 for the original fishing shack-sized building and its front veranda, with the left side lean-to, the brick piers (stumps) and the piers under the water tank out the back at post-war 1940s.

(Big version)
'Minerva' is on Phegan's Bay Road in Phegan's Bay and my research tells me she's circa 1920. Which puts her construction at 5 years after the Federation style (circa 1890 - circa 1915).

She's also about twice as big as she looks due to several lean-tos on the back. Lean-tos being the standard method of adding space to such houses and, when the sewage came to town, of enclosing the old dunny within a nice new washhouse (bathroom & laundry).

From The Bays #1 - Brisbane Water Walk #6.

Broken jetty
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The wee blue boathouse at the shore end of the jetty has a lace curtain in its single window. Taken standing in front of 'Minerva'.

Goat house
(Big version)
1920s for this one I think or maybe 1930s.

A minute after I took this photo a floppy-eared goat baaed at me and gazed down at me over the edge of the terrace.

Bus stop mural
(Big version)
This is a mural painted inside the bus stop at the bottom of Phegan's Bay Road. It's taken from an old photo which one of half a dozen on the walls of the bus stop. Given the amount of weathering from wind and spray in that spot, using the inside of the bus stop as historical display seems a bloody good idea.

The house in the foreground is Phegan's. Phegan ran a ferry service in The Bays around 1900. The house is gone now and the bus stop stands about where the back left corner of the house was.


writer said...

Wonderful shots, great locations.

When I retire, I'm going to do what you do.

Spike said...

Thank yer.

Better be quick. Half of bloody Sydney's moved up here in the last few years. The over-55 half anyways.