Tuesday, December 13, 2005


You may have heard. There have been race riots in Australia.

You will not be surprised to learn there was beer involved. Usually when you mix beer and nasty little pricks in Australia you get small scale fights on Saturday nights. So why is this is this increase in the level of violence happening here and now?

There’s no simple answer but I’m sure a large part of the blame rests on Howard’s shoulders. John Howard is our Prime Minister (President). He is not our leader. To be a leader a person needs to lead. Howard does not. He doesn’t have it in him. He’s a pathetic little wimp who gave tacit approval to Pauline Fuckwit Hanson (white supremist) and is extremely unconvincing when political expediency forces him to condemn things like this race riot shit. A Prime Minister like Howard encourages a culture of violence.

I’ll put it in writing so you know where I stand. Muslim and Middle Eastern Australians and migrants and all people of all religions, races and cultures are WELCOME on my site and in my country. The only people NOT welcome are child molesters, war criminals and others who victimise people in any way, including right wing fuckwits of all races and religions.


Filty Grissom said...

YOu can be pleased to know the riots were covered as "shocking" by the US press in Chicagoland. Because you know, we call them "neighborhood disputes" or "gang warfare" here.

Spike said...

Yers. I saw a bit of the American news coverage last night. Not very comfortable seeing your country on other countries' news like that.