Sunday, December 04, 2005

Photo from The Bays #1 - Brisbane Water Walk #6

Read The Bays #1.

Woy Woy Bay
(Big version)

Taken from the end of Taylor Street.

Woy Woy Bay 2
(Big version)

Woy Woy Bay 3
(Big version)

Painted monitor
(Big version)
Do not let one of these run up you. It's painful.

Cloud porn
(Big version)
Potential storm clouds heading down to Sydney.

Waterfall Bay
(Big version)
Waterfall Bay. That's Skion Kop on the left and the back of the ridge above Park's Bay and Koolewong on the right.

Meena Street 2
(Big version)
Beautiful Federation (probably) house on the corner of Taylor Street and Meena Road. Apparently owned by Della Bosca who appears to be the Minister For Everything Else for NSW.

Meena Street
(Big version)
Right side of the house.

Meena Street 3
(Big version)
Left side of the house.

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