Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Photos from Moon Over Juicy Fruit

From Moon Over Juicy Fruit - Gosford #1.

Red Cow Inn
(Big version)

The little blue plaque on the outside of the cottage says "Henry Kendall Cottage, built c.1838, Gosford City Council Heritage Item №47". It's actually Fagan's cottage and the Red Cow Inn but Kendall's a famous Australian poet. He was mates with the Fagans and stayed with them for a bit in the 1870s.

Red Cow Inn back
(Big version)
Taken standing next to the dunny. Looking at that delivery door high on the wall in the photo above, I'd say that section is the old inn and this back section is the house part.

Two Holer Dunny
The classic Australian dunny. We've had them indoors since the sewerage came but you still see historical ones like this and there's still plenty being used as sheds in suburban backyards.
Click on the big version and you can see the two holes so two people could use it at once. Bloody glad that habit died out.

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